Yegor Creed changed his profession, became an actor and has already got the first lead role

9 июля, 2019 Выкл.

Many people thought that after Yegor Creed left the Black Star wing, his career would go downhill. No matter what! Over the past few months, the rapper has released a couple of songs with videos, signed contracts with many famous brands, and now decided to take part in a movie!

The artist always had the urge to shoot: Creed himself invented the story for many of his clips. Fans appreciate it very much. In their opinion, the last two clips are worked out in detail, and they have a deep meaning.

Now the same rapper was given the opportunity to act in full-length movies. Responsibility for an order of magnitude more than in a three-minute video, right? As we learned, Bulatkin will play a major role in the film directed by Marius Weisberg. The script is engaged in Zhora Kryzhovnikov, and the title of the film: «(NOT) the ideal man.

«As they say, God loves the trinity, but managed to take away four awards;
Won in all nominations in which they were announced. Thank you for your family votes.» — Creed said